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Awards Season Begineth! The AIPP Tasmanian Photogr…

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Awards Season Begineth!

The AIPP Tasmanian Photography Awards were held over the weekend down in Hobart.

The results included 4 silver awards in the general category, 1 silver and a silver with distinction in the Wedding Category. In addition to this I was the runner up in the Wedding Category and received the Island Wedding Highest scoring Print (which was a tie between Alice Bennett and me). So a nice weekend away!

¬†Receiving awards for images that have been commissioned is the best fealing, i’m really blessed to have some great client who let me explore many differnt things with my photography. Thanks to Dave Callan, Nick and Mel,¬† Nathan and Renee, Martin Martini, Tara and Garry for the opportunities to photograph these shots below. They really are some of my current favorite images.

Father of the Bride
The equal Highest scoring wedding print, a Silver with Distinction Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Croatia Church
Silver Award

Dance of the flame retardard Monkey
Silver Award

Martini - reworked
Silver Award

Silver Award

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