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A man from Reservoir in the City | Clint Gregan | Author Publicity Headshot | Melbourne

Clint Gregan is a regular suburban dad with the awesome addition of being a stay at home dad of 4 boys who happens to love writing as much as he loves his kids. Last year Clint’s blog Reservoir Dad picked up Australian Writers’ Centre Award for Best Parenting/Personal Blog of 2013.

When I entered the world of part time semi kinda stay at home dad territory I looked about for others and was captured by Clint’s way with words and telling stories. He made it ok to include a robot vacuum cleaner in family photos and to throw your kids.

Clint has a great passion for writing and from his blog he landed a little book deal which means he will soon be a published author and these shots form part of a author headshot shoot we did in Melbourne. The first shot is more about a man without his kids about eating a lot of eggs and smashing coffee, another talent for the man.

Check out the blog and follow it to see when the book is arriving, it will be ace.

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  1. Rosemary Saunders

    Where are said four children…?

  2. Bat

    Rosemary, we have a plan for the kids… just got to get all the props together…

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