Is this my best ever family portrait?

Now, don’t get me wrong I do love all the shoots I’ve done with families, generally you can pull out 3 or 4 from each shoot to be added to my favourite shot list.

But this shoot was a little different. I was asked to be a part of the Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project and unlike most of the other photographers who were involved I had 2 weeks, not 12 months to get a submission together. What is a contemporary Australian family? And how do I show it? I put the call out on Facebook and Bek answered offering up her family. I rang and the next morning at 6.30am I was on the front door step ready to document a typical Sunday morning. It was great when the kids woke up and discovered me, after some initial questions like “what are you doing here?” everything calmed down to normal and I just documented what happened.
This was shot 12 months ago and while I’ve been getting my new website together I had another look through the set and fell in love with the story.

What do you think?

Check out the slideshow at the end for the full set and let me know what you think about this style in the comments section.

I’m currently looking for some more families to document, or even couples who are in love. More specifically ones in inner-ish Melbourne (Thinkg circle from Yarraville to Northcote to Elsternwick) Priority at the moment is for a couple but up for hearing from anyone.

Please share this post with your friends, family, workmates and even wealthy aunts who are interested in a more real family portrait.


It’s Digby | Child Portrait Melbourne


It was three years in the making; It is always great meeting up with former wedding clients and sharing the stories of our growing families. Digby is Cal and Chris’s little fella who we have been trying to get a portrait of ever since he arrived but clashing diaries and geography always made it hard. Lucky I’m in the same city and could get out to meet him. He gave me the cold shoulder to start with but one the scooter came out it was game on! I was delighted to meet his Thomas toys and be let into the dad-built cubby house!



Where We Drink | The Nun’s House, Karoola

How we found it: I was up there on a job, and most good jobs start with a drink
Where we found it: Karoola, Tasmania
What we drank: Tea
How we found the tea: pretty good out of the pot
Will we go again: Of course, Hilary is a great host and also used local fresh produce to bake!
Anything else we liked: I was there to shoot some promo shots for Hilary Burden’s book A Story of Seven Summers, which is now out at all good book stores and you may have also caught the story in the Weekend Australian last weekend.

Jason and Catta | Pregnancy Portrait Hobart

I know I’ve said it many time, but it truly is the best thing to catch up with wedding couple who have become friends and shoot the start of the next stage of their lives… Parenthood (or officially growing up, with lots of new toys). Jason and Catta are awesome, we ended up on the Queen’s Boat zooming around the Derwent on the wedding day and this time we were a little more sedate hanging about Battery Point for the pregnancy shoot. The little one in Catta’s tummy is going to be in awesome hands as these guys are the kind of folk who will love every ounce of this baby. Lucky kid!


Limited Time Only Mini Acrylic’s For Fathers Day + 8×12 inch print special!

As it’s Fathers day soon, and as I’m a father I’ve decided the Dad’s need something cool for their special day in the spotlight (do we really need a special day? Surely everyday is special! But day’s with presents are rare!)

We have a limited edition product, mini acrylic blocks. Just like our very popular larger acrylic blocks but smaller. 10x10cm’s and 2 cm’s deep. Ideal for the office, bedside table or even the garage if your man/dad is that way inclined! They also come with a 30 year guarantee. Pretty good price too at only $127 each or 3 for $277 including delivery. These aren’t available at any other time, so get in quick as we won’t be offereing this size after the 28/8/12

Also 8×12 inch prints from a previous portrait session are available for $117 inc delivery (normally $175). Again only available until the 28/8/12.

Just give me a call or email and we can get it all sorted out for you. Specials are available until the 28th of August, to ensure we can get the prints ready and to give with the special breakfast in bed after the sleep in (wishful thinking??? Maybe!)

Why I Use Facebook

I’m having one of those days, one of those days where I was kinda procrastinating, so Facebook was keeping my company. There is a lot of work to get done but just need to get into action mode.
At the moment I’ve got nights and a couple of days when Saffron is in daycare to get on with things. And by things I mean working on new wedding pricing, reinventing the family portrait and also reconnecting with a heap of comedians that I’ve met over the years. Lots to get going before the busy season starts for weddings, portraits and also comedy festival images.
So my Facebook procrastinating got me thinking… yes, I am still capable of thought even though I spend alot of time hanging out with a 21month old who is addicted to Peppa Pig.

From shooting wedding and family portraits for years I’ve met some amazing families, I’ve been there for their good times and unfortunately for some pretty horrendous times too. There are alot of clients who are now friends on my personal Facebook page, and really they are really more like a big family. I love catching up with them on the street and also online, finding out the news, hearing stories and generally being friends.

When I started out in this crazy world of photography I was all about getting the great image, hanging out in the darkroom and shooting anything that came past me. I still love doing all that (except the darkroom, I do have moments where I miss the small of the fixer) but it’s now shared equally with the love of the clients and their stories.

I’ve been addicted to stories as long as I can remember (Hop on Pop still a favourite) and know that by my work I’m helping illustrate the stories of families for years to come. I love the thought that in 40 years time there are going to be people sharing their wedding albums and family photos with their grandkids.

But in the mean time I’m happy just hanging out with client-friends on Facebook and in the real world and hearing all the stories of their lives evolve.

Ps… I’m looking to add some more stories and friends to my collections. If you know any awesome families with young kids, couples madly in love and glowing soon to be mothers over here in Melbourne please pass on my details. I can’t wait to meet them and capture their stories for the future!