Airstream, Teepee Beach Holiday | Melbourne Family Portrait

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Veronlca decided to surprise her family with a holiday. They have no idea where they were going or what they were doing.
The first few days in Melbourne were a blur of shopping and football... and thn the real part of the holiday happened.
A train trip to Geelong to pick up a Kombi, followed by a drive on the ferry to Sorrento and off to the beach where waiting for them was an airstream and much to the horror of the kids, a tent for them to sleep in!

The horror did melt away in the days they spent there i'm told... on day 2 I was invited down to just capture things as they happened on the camp. Such a great family experiance and not your usual family portrait for not your usual family holiday!

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  • Posted by Mum of Five Girls

    Loved this holiday….and so glad I got you to come along and capture it!!

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