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Emma and Zak, fun, strong and powerful. I say this as it describes their personalities and also their outlook on life and fitness. 
As Professional body builders who have represented state, national and international levels and have a few titles between them, these guys really do get photographed a lot looking buff, and to do that you really can't be wearing too much. 

So that is why it was so great to do a real couple style shoot with them, originally from Emma's from WA and Zak is from the UK and Melbourne is their current home. So beach, fun, laughter, a little rain but hey, all worth it for some fun shots in this amazing location. How great is Sandringham beach and foreshore??

1608guild002.jpg 1608guild010.jpg 1608guild011.jpg 1608guild012.jpg 1608guild018.jpg 1608guild020.jpg 1608guild025.jpg 1608guild030.jpg 1608guild032.jpg 1608guild035.jpg 1608guild039.jpg 1608guild043.jpg 1608guild049.jpg 1608guild051Edit.jpg

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  • Posted by Mum of Five Girls

    I love all of the photos but especially the last one…amazing!!

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