Titmus Sunday | Family Documentary Portrait

Posted by photobat
It's been quite a few years since I shot Em and Moosa's wedding...
Things have changed, here is a little Sunday morning shapshop.

Love these family documentary shoots... Full session viewable Here including when the Bunnies escaped!!!
1705titmus001.jpg 1705titmus003.jpg 1705titmus004.jpg 1705titmus005.jpg 1705titmus007.jpg 1705titmus011.jpg 1705titmus013.jpg 1705titmus015.jpg 1705titmus018.jpg 1705titmus021.jpg 1705titmus023.jpg 1705titmus026.jpg 1705titmus027.jpg 1705titmus029.jpg 1705titmus030.jpg 1705titmus033.jpg 1705titmus036.jpg 1705titmus039.jpg 1705titmus040.jpg 1705titmus041.jpg 1705titmus042.jpg 1705titmus044.jpg 1705titmus047.jpg

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