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Every night before saffron goes to bed we have a tradition of writing in her Happy Book, it genuinely makes her feel happy and we have an amazing diary of her happiness!

Kids are the happiest people on the planet and  to kickstart the new blog i'm going to be doing a "30 days of Happy" series.
A portrait of a child along with them answering what maked them happy!

So... I need 30 kids for 30 days!

Heres the deal.

You get a 30 Minute Happy Session and as a thank you for featuring on the blog you will recieve a thank you print!
To get yourselves registered just fill in the form below and i'll be in touch!

Got some questions.... I've got some answers!

I have more than one happy kid... can you do them all??
Yes, session might be a little longer but more than happy to do more!

Where are you looking for kids?
As i have alot of sessions to do in a short period of time I have to only accept kids from St Kilds to Chealsea and into Bentleigh, if you are happy to travel to Bayside you can also get involved!

What ages?
Looking primary school aged kids

How long will the session be?
30 Minutes, and will include

If my kid dosen't smile is that ok?
Yes, as a dad of a 6 1/2 year old I totally know that smiles can sometimes not come!




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