It was back on my 18th birthday I went to my first pub comedy gig (Cheeseshop Live... how it is missed) after devouring tapes of funny people that were recorded off the radio by a Melbourne friend and sent down to Tasmania. At that first gig  I took some blurry photos which were a bit rubbish. Luckily I got better and by the end of the year had shots of Greg Fleet, Mikey Robins, and some unknown comedian called Rove in my folio.

Flash forward and over the next 10 years I have been lucky to work with hundreds of comedians over 2 continents, had my images used on billboards, DVDs and books. Not to mention all the posters and magazine articles. Oh and a heap of them have won awards too, so thats been a good bonus. There have even been a few exhibitions in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and by request in Edinburgh.

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