We were nervous about our photo shoot.  Our three year old son does not warm up quickly to strangers. When Alan showed up it took a matter of minutes before our kids were giggling and hanging on every word he said.  There’s a special understated energy to what Alan does and it puts everyone at ease. The camera is like an extension of his arm, he barely puts it to his eye.  And the shots!  Alan is a true artist.  We will never have anyone else photograph our family. Rhian, Carlton

I'm not a fan of really really posed shots, I prefer a little direction to help calm the nerves and then let what happens happen.

To give you an idea of the kind of portrait I shoot, you could classify them as portrait, newborn, family, toddlers, generational, pets... and anything else really.

I don't shoot white background, in studio, look at the camera smile shots. Instead it's about you, your love for your family, partner or pet. Mostly sessions take place at your  home or at a place special to you. (I do have location ideas up my sleeve too in case you come up blank)

Each session includes some time designing the shoot, that is where we throw around ideas and come up with some things to do at the shoot. I'll also give you a guide on what to wear, and most importantly what not to wear.

There are a couple different session options too, the standard session is a one hour shoot which is a really relaxed casual session guaranteed to get some great portraits.

Our other session is our documentary portrait style, typically on a Sunday morning where I just hang out and shoot what happens, no posing, direction or anything. Completely fly on the wall. These sessions are little time capsules capturing you, your home and what you do.

We also offer a range of gift vouchers that you can give to family and friends, or use yourself.

As a final product we offer everything from straight prints and canvas to digital files. Our portrait albums are pretty great too.

Session prices start from $165 with prints ranging from $85 through to over $1000 for a large canvas plus we have collections of prints that are great value plus if you want the digital copies of the images they are also avaliable. 

If you would like to find out information more please send me an email or give me a call, all the details and a convenient contact form are at the bottom of this page.

Some examples of what you can do with your images.

Acrylic Blocks are a new and spectacular way to show off your images. Great for bookcases, mantlepeices, sideboards, offices and bedsides. Free standing and look fantastic in sets.

You can always go for one large image to suit a space on your wall, or you can bundle together a few smaller canvases to make a really impressive display of your artwork.
Our canvas prints are archival, using 100% cotton canvas and fade resistant inks. Ther also come with a lifetime guarentee even for accidental damage and have a special UV coating and antifungal components, this canvas is made to last (unlike your generic photo kiosk canvas which is really not the best quality)