Well hello there!
Welcome to Photobat

You have stumbled upon Photobat, a Melbourne based photography studio that has been clicking with awesome families, businesses, artists, comedians and anyone who needs a photo since 2000.

It’s really nice to meet you, my name is Alan Moyle and for all my life I’ve had a camera in my hand and been having photo adventures with people. In that time I’ve come to realise how important a families story is to capture, I’ve become quite obsessed with it.

I don’t believe in saying “cheese” or “smelly socks” because expression in a portrait should be real, we don’t have time to have fake laughter in our world, so that is why we keep things relaxed and fun making even the most camera nervous person have a good time and love the final artworks. 

You can learn more about me over in the about section, warning I do like to get my family into costumes for seasonal photos (including the pets) but for now….

Tell me what you want, what you really really want...