16th July Long time no write Special Appearan…

16th July

Long time no write

Special Appearance by Toby, who I talked to while blogging.

Sorry for not updating for a while. I’ve been… was going to say busy but the truth is I’ve just been a little… well… very slack.

Currently I’m sitting in a Brunswick St (Melbourne) café eating a raspberry muffin straight out of the oven and awaiting my coffee. I caught a lift in with my friend Bec who I’m staying with. I’ve been getting a lot of lifts the last couple of days, which is slightly annoying as I bought a weekly Met ticket. It’s hard to decide which ticket to buy, a weekly ticket or pay a little more for a 10 x 2 hour ticket. Pros for the weekly – little cheaper and valid all week so no thinking about getting fined, Pros for the 10 x 2 hour, little more expensive but it can last a very long time if you only validate it when the ticket inspectors get on board. Cons foe the 10 x 2 hour is always being on the lookout for ticket inspectors. So I guess the weekly wins for me and I’m being good to the system.

It’s getting close to Edinburough Fringe time, and I get to go for internet treasure hunts* now to look for the photos that comedians have licensed for posters (and for taxis) to advertise their shows. I’ll put some up here once I get back to Tasmania and remember to upload them.

My plan for coming to Melbourne was to catch up with other photographers that I met at APPA in Sydney. Some great younger photographers who do some amazing work and i’m sure there is a lot that we can learn from each other. Unfortunately was all put on the back burner as a few people wanted me to take photos for them. But they all seemed to runinto difficulties like finances, time and kittens. So I am now back meeting up with photographers. Plus I am going to the Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year Awards and even making the Audio Visual presentation for their awards presentations and dinner.

By god this is the best muffin I’ve ever had… and the coffee’s pretty dam good to. Atomica on Brunswick St. Very good muffins and Coffee.

Meetings all yesterday, one with Ellie at 8o Gold Street to talk about my exhibition next year for the comedy festival, and then a meeting with Susan Provan, director of the comedy festival to show what I did this year and what I plan on doing next festival. Both meetings went quite well, I’ve started my timeline for the 2 exhibitions, but now it has turned into 3 including the Hobart Comedy Festival and it’s even eclipsed all that as I have started planning life for the next few years. I’ve worked out that there are some things that I want to do and they only happen at certain times, so I can now plan on getting to them and also know how much time I will have in between for planning and making the cash to make it all go,

Muffin all gone… coffee getting cold.

I’ve just got confirmation of a shoot with British comedian Lenny Henry, this is going to be a fairly big shoot and an image of someone so high up in comedy royalty will add a lot of credibility to my folio (well. Getting an amazing shot will do that… I’m planning but not thinking about it too much as my head might explode). Within half an hour of getting confirmation I had booked some lights, found an assistant and a car. It’s amazing how much planning will go into a shoot that is only going to take about 10 – 15 minutes, I’m sandwiched in between the Herald Sun and the Age newspapers at the Westin Hotel, a nice big posh one that I like to play chess and drink overpriced hot chocolates in the foyer during comedy festival.

I’ve been inspired by the work of Jason Bell www.jasonbellphoto.com , as my friend Benny said it’s not amazing but it’s very solid and after reading a magazine article it’s good to see how he works and achieves his images. I guess there is nothing that would really go off and win awards but then again… Isn’t being published in Vanity Fair enough?

I guess I really should be looking at photos like I listen to music. Once you buy a new CD you listen to it again and again and again and then you have had enough of it. With photo magazines and books it should be the same. I guess the books I really like am expensive… but what is the use of them collecting dust on a shelf? They were bought due to their inspirational factors, and I ignore then after the first couple of looks.

Coffee all gone. Still _ of an hour till I have to take a photo.

Brief interlude to say hi to Toby and now the second coffee has arrived.

*Internet Treasure Hunts = Google search, but I’d rather hunt for treasure than google.