This is the end… Festival is over, last night w…

This is the end…

Festival is over, last night was the last night of Gilded Balloon shows, we have a party tonight but no shows are on. Last night was quite big, I watched the sun come up as I walked home.

I spent the night between Late and Live (live comedy), Shaken and Stirred (late night jazz) and the Library Bar (its a bar, in a library). Talked to a lot of people, took a couple of photos and then put the camera away to concentrate on the couple of drinks more.

Got all inspired by the Heri Cartier Breson exhibition plus the National Portrait Gallery. In my 2 hours of sleep induced daze I think i took more in.

Running out of battery so more later.

I’m out of the flat tomorrow, spending remaining nights on Jemmas floor. It’s a pity, as I now have a better shower than her!

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