Cricket Cricket Cricket London is obsessed. E…

Cricket Cricket Cricket

London is obsessed. Everywhere I go cricket is on TVs and crowds of people are watching.

It looks like England have the ashes. Probably not a good time to be an Australian in London.

My friend Benny is responsible for my new found enjoyment of cricket. And he will be proud to know that I have passed that onto Howard. He has been trying to do some work, but I have been watching the cricket and he managed to get entranced by it too. I have a bet with him for 2 shiny silver 50p pieces.

I felt like a spy yesterday, I went up into Regent Park, where a few thousand cricket fans were drinking and watching the match on a big screen. There were a lot more English than Australians, by about 50:1. I kept quiet and moved through the crowd.

Spent some time today walking around Brick Lane, an arty alternative area to the east of central London. It was very cool. I spent over an hour in a shop talking to the Italian guy who makes great coffee and sells really cool things. I also talked to an old guy outside his junk shop. I have photos of both these guys and will post them soon.

Starbucks are ripping me off with their wireless internet prices and crap coffee.

Maybe Ill do the London eye tomorrow. Iā€™m off to meet up with Phil Stevens now. Then to back up some files onto my Ipod.

Also, what do you think of this photo? Yes, im talking to you with the eyes who is reading this, go on, it s not that hard to leave a comment and i really want to know what you think.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:15h, 13 September Reply

    Hey Bat,

    Been enjoying your blog updates – sorry to hear about your camera and the shower issues, but glad it all got sorted out in the end. Bugger about the cricket hey. But great to hear how well Tim Minchin went over at the festival.

    Regarding the photo you posted, I’m not sure it works for me. I like the dramatic sky, but I’m not sure about

    i) the sloping horizon – I want to straighten it
    ii) centering the London Eye – the shot looks too symmetrical
    iii) lack of focal point – do I concentrate on the Eye, or on the heads?
    iv) photographing the back of people’s heads – to me, it’s expressionless and nondescript, sort of “so what?”
    v) burning in the edges – I would have liked to see more of the sky and the context of the shot

    Just my non-educated comments.I loved the sepia one from a couple of days ago with the London Eye in the bottom left corner – fabulous light.

    Catch up with you soon – have a great trip back.

    Love Natalie xx

  • Bron
    Posted at 11:18h, 14 September Reply

    Ok me with the eyes shall leave a comment ..

    I want to know what the guy is looking at. Why is he not looking at his wife. Why is he not looking over there at what she’s looking at. There’s probably something cool going on over to the left but we’re just missing out. Or he’s really not wanting to be there with her. It’s one of those photos that leaves a lot unanswered.
    And yep I’m not sure about the sloping horizon either.
    There’s my 2 cents!

    Ciao – hope you’re having a good time.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:32h, 14 September Reply

    Mr Moyle,

    I want to know how you got Prince What’s-his-face and Queen Lizzy to pose for you like that?


  • Lex
    Posted at 13:07h, 15 September Reply

    G’day Allan!
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels. Agree with Natalie about centering the London Eye. And the dark bits at the edges bother me. I want to see OUT! But maybe it conveys something of a sense of the place. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your England shots up here once you’re back šŸ™‚

  • Rob
    Posted at 18:54h, 16 September Reply


    London is overpriced but there are some gems to be found..

    Might be a bit late now but if you are still in London you can get free wireless Internet and what is probably London’s best coffee at Bullet cafe in Mercer Street Covent Garden. Say No to *$!

    And nice photos!


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