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I just found out a great man died. I’m very sad I don’t have a photo to post. Christopher Strong was my old headmaster at Grammar. I always liked him at school, but once I had moved back to Launceston and was a little wiser, I realised he was a really very kind and thoughtful man. Always said hello, was always interested in what was happening in my world and always full of encouragement. Plus I admired him for his dedication and passion for so many things, including the environment and humanitarian causes.

I have managed to take a family portrait of his son’s family. From that session I discovered that, as expected, he was a very much loved grandfather. I wish he could have been around longer to share his wisdom with them as they grew up.

The world moves too fast, I regret not getting out and visiting as we always talked about, and taking the portrait I always wanted to take.

I still remember being in grade 8, and after an assembly, i rushed after him, with my little camera and asked if i could take his photo. His equally amazing wife Sally told me many years after that he was touched that I wanted to take his photo. I’m going to go search for that photo later. I am really sorry I did not let the chance pass to take one more recently.

The Funeral is on August 15th, 2pm at St Johns in Launceston.

Ps, if you can, give your grandparents a call.

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  • eileen kalucy
    Posted at 14:17h, 09 August Reply

    I also knew Christopher Strong! He was inspirational. I have been teaching in the Early Childhood field for many years. Christopher gave many years to the organisation called World Education Fellowship. This is how I met Christopher. Christopher was instrumental in organising an Environmental and Education Conference in Kuching in 1996. He was able to secure David Suzuki for a whole week in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia, for the Conference. Christopher was ahead of his time. All of the issues addressed at that Conference are only now being debated in Political circles. Prof Ian Lowe was also at the Conference. The Conference was the absolutely wonderful!!!
    Christopher was passionate about the Environment and Education. Alan- you were lucky to have Christopher as your Headmaster. Christopher encouraged young adults to pursue their dreams, and he always listened to their thoughts and comments. He actually valued those comments. Christopher set up the World Education Youth Forum. This gave the young members of WEF an opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions.
    Christopher will be dearly missed. He was truly a great man.!!!!!
    Thank you Christopher for touching my life in such a meaningful way.

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