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World Cup – Port Vila Style

If you think people are nuts about the world cup here, you should head to a developing country. Vanuatu was World Cup crazy when we were there. There were flags everywhere, some real flags some home made, the bakeries had flags on cakes, stores were decorated, soccer balls everywhere and people had wrist bands to show their team. Even the rubbish trucks had flags on them. We stayed in an area called Seaside, the suburb included the poorest area in the city. Most of these shots were taken around the streets there. Not everyone has TVs, we discovered many community TVs were set up and left on all night so that the locals could gather and watch the games. It was great to have something to discuss with the locals, sometimes we didn’t have a choice, it was the first thing they asked us. “What do you think of Harry’s red card?”  I’m not a football person but did pay attention to all the news so i could join in conversations. These conversations lead to some amazing things including a tour of the slum like area of Seaside. More on that soon.

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  1. Dr8k

    That’s really cool – sounds like you both saw a side of Vanuatu most tourists would never know about! Also, I assume from the tone of the post the locals were pretty friendly?

  2. Bat

    Yes, the people were exceptionally friendly. i don’t think we have said hello so much in my life. You will see in another post that the slummy area is quite rundown and a bit intimidating at first. But through football we got some conversations going and found it all very friendly.

  3. Ash

    There’s some really great stuff here. Is great to see a side that isn’t just the polished touristy stuff that you always see on tv and the like.

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