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Launceston’s Superheros | Halloween Photobat Sillyness

Yes, Halloween is from the USA and it seems that the marketers waht to make it Australian too so that they can sell more lollies and get more kids damaging people’s property when there is no treat. We jumpped on the bangwagon with a slitly silly secret superhero project. We put out the call for Launceston’s superheros to come by the studio and have a photo taken. I still have no idea who these people are in real life, i’m sure they have alterego’s out there doing mundane jobs like making coffee or planning events. I guess we will never know….


  1. Heheh Looks like fun, you must have had a busy weekend!

  2. Felix

    I know half of them…which concerns me, but at the same time. Doesn’t.. nice work

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