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Second Child Syndrome is somthing that, as the title suggests, effects the second child of a family. They have to put up with the fact that the first child was such a special addition to a family because it was the first. There are photos hanging everywhere but then when number 2 comes along the amount of photos tends to reduce. it’s not that the second child is any less important or special, its just the excitment of those first years of being a parent take over.

Jasper is a second child. Apparetnly one night when he was being soothed to sleep he kept looking at photos of the baby on the wall. It was his older brother Griffin. The other photos on the wall of the little boy playing with his parents was also Griffin. Jasper was missing. That has now been fixed when we delivered filled out Jasper’s a perscription of a shoot to help relieve the symptoms of 2nd Child Syndrome.

Admittidly, Griffin did star a bit while Jasper had a nap, he was especially good captaining the Explorer 200, his wave surfing ship.

If you or you know a family that has been affected by Second Child Syndrome, please let us know and we can send then a perscription to rectify the situation!


  • Jane
    Posted at 11:08h, 30 January Reply

    I do agree with the second child syndrome in relation to professional pics – but it isn’t just about the first child being such a ‘special’ addition to the family. This make the second or subsequent children seem so much less…… well, just ‘less’. The reality for us is that the finances are so much less now that we have another child – the whole GFC has really pushed us with the loss of work for the primary breadwinner, the ‘mum’ having to go back to work, then childcare issues with both parents working.
    I must say, though, that I am much more aware of taking pictures myself and have a much, much better camera now to try to capture those moments so much more adequately. It doesn’t compare to professional images, but sadly pro-photog images are so often out of the reach financially for a number of families.

  • Photobat
    Posted at 13:12h, 30 January Reply

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your comment,

    As I mentioned, I never regard a second or subsequent child as “less” I did say and I believe it reads “it’s not that the second child is any less important or special”

    I do understand first hand the pressures of the pressures of being the primary bread winner, childcare and the costs of modern living. That is why we make it much easier for people who want to have our artworks on their walls by offering payment plans. And unlike a lot of payment plans there is no additional cost to you. This makes it much more affordable to get the artworks that you love up on your wall sooner.

    Also, as I mention in the post, we have a prescription for families with a second child who may have missed out on some great portraits. Read prescription as “special offer”, I should make that a bit clearer. The offer makes it even more affordable for families to come and have us take some amazing photos for them.

    I think it’s great that you have got yourself a better camera. But remember, great portrait photography is so much more than the camera. There is a word of lighting, composition and processing to take into account. Plus getting great family portraits when you are behind the camera will miss out on a very important element in the photo. You!

    Digital technologies evolve, and the only true way you can guarantee your great grandchildren are going to enjoy your photos is if they are printed, and printed well.

    We make sure everything that leaves our studio is set up, and if looked after properly, will last generations. We use labs on the mainland who guarantee their work, we use archival albums and framing to make sure it will last.

    Thanks again for visiting our blog and checking our images


  • Sara
    Posted at 14:05h, 01 February Reply

    What great photos of the second child (and the first and both parents!!) Alan your talent with the camera is beyond words….we are so pleased with our latest addition to our family shots and will definitely keep up the tradition of getting Photobat photos done every two years…during which time the kids (and the parents 🙂 change dramatically. Our photo wall is filling up and I treasure each moment of joy that I experience when my eyes fall on the pictures that speak a thousand words. Keep up the great work Alan & team!

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