Why I Use Facebook

I’m having one of those days, one of those days where I was kinda procrastinating, so Facebook was keeping my company. There is a lot of work to get done but just need to get into action mode.
At the moment I’ve got nights and a couple of days when Saffron is in daycare to get on with things. And by things I mean working on new wedding pricing, reinventing the family portrait and also reconnecting with a heap of comedians that I’ve met over the years. Lots to get going before the busy season starts for weddings, portraits and also comedy festival images.
So my Facebook procrastinating got me thinking… yes, I am still capable of thought even though I spend alot of time hanging out with a 21month old who is addicted to Peppa Pig.

From shooting wedding and family portraits for years I’ve met some amazing families, I’ve been there for their good times and unfortunately for some pretty horrendous times too. There are alot of clients who are now friends on my personal Facebook page, and really they are really more like a big family. I love catching up with them on the street and also online, finding out the news, hearing stories and generally being friends.

When I started out in this crazy world of photography I was all about getting the great image, hanging out in the darkroom and shooting anything that came past me. I still love doing all that (except the darkroom, I do have moments where I miss the small of the fixer) but it’s now shared equally with the love of the clients and their stories.

I’ve been addicted to stories as long as I can remember (Hop on Pop still a favourite) and know that by my work I’m helping illustrate the stories of families for years to come. I love the thought that in 40 years time there are going to be people sharing their wedding albums and family photos with their grandkids.

But in the mean time I’m happy just hanging out with client-friends on Facebook and in the real world and hearing all the stories of their lives evolve.

Ps… I’m looking to add some more stories and friends to my collections. If you know any awesome families with young kids, couples madly in love and glowing soon to be mothers over here in Melbourne please pass on my details. I can’t wait to meet them and capture their stories for the future!

  • Nicole
    Posted at 17:11h, 03 August Reply

    Hi Alan, great post I have some family in Melbourne so I will be sure to pass on that you are now local. I was wondering your thoughts on image posting on FB, with all their “exclusive rights” terms and conditions, how do you feel about that? I am a bit wary as I am licensing some images through Getty and don’t want to get caught out. Reminds me of the time way back when you suggested I read the terms of some of the photo comps out there and I thought I didn’t mind entering the pics, but now years later I do mind, and wish I hadn’t entered them!

  • Bat
    Posted at 08:51h, 06 August Reply

    Hi Nicole, thanks for the comment. I was always initially sceptical about the sharing/posting of images and didn’t iniitally but I am in a visual medium and the good things of people sharing the watermarked photos just makes sense. I want as many people as possible to see my work, i hate watermarking but it’s the only way to make sure it keep my name attached to the images.
    Of course, if you have an agreement with other companies then you need to respect the contracts signed. It’s all just a learning thing. Do you have contracts for your portrait photographer? You should!

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