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I couldn’t think of anyone else to wander the streets of Prahran with than Emily…

Emily is one of those faces you have seen about a bit the last decade or more. Like when she was on Comedy Inc, or even recently when she was in It’s A Date a great show on the ABC that if you didn’t see, well shame on you. Plus look out for her next year as she is back on Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, one of my favourite shows of recent years.

Aside from all that acting stuff she also sings and in a generally great person to wander about, take photos of and have a chat with. Beautiful and lovely are a couple of words that would come to mind if you asked me to describe Emily quickly. If you asked me to describe her in long format… well we don’t have time for that longer blog post…

Find out more about Emily over at her manager’s page.

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  • Greg Gamble
    Posted at 02:04h, 04 November Reply

    Emily would be right up there with my favourite TV personalities. Every show on which she appears is richer for her presence. This girl really makes me laugh. I think she is hilarious. She is so talented. I am envious and in awe of her versatility. Emily pulled off some effortless yet remarkably convincing impersonations in her Comedy Inc days. Thank you for posting this all too brief blog about her. I have been a fan of hers for some time. She is simply brilliant in Sean Micallef’s Mad as Hell. MAH is one of aunties better Wed night comedies of recent times. I am glad to hear it is returning in 2014. You cannot help but laugh madly as Emily goes one on one with Shaun in a myriad of ad hoc characters. I just love those sports presenter gigs with the half attentive Francis Greenslade and the team alongside her. They work a treat. She seems like a really lovely person. There is a quirkiness and a vibrance about her that sure gets me in. She is nice looking. I would imagine her to be well mannered, humble and self-deprecating. All the good qualities. I reckon she would come from good stock. Well, that is how I would vicariously describe her. So It comes as no surprise to read your description of her in those terms. Walking the streets of Melbourne with Emily? Now that would be one of the easier gigs. Emily, I am an unashamed and unadulterated fan of yours. Good luck with the next phase of your career. In your case, more is more. That’s my wrap. I wish I could stay. G.
    PS: Oh, and I agree with you guys about ‘It’s a Date”.

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