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I love how things work out… I arranged to meet Tash at a cafe… we both called each other because we were running late. We were both there but couldn’t get a carpark. A quick look on Bean Hunter and it came up with Aunty Peg’s.
Walking in is a bit disorientating. I was expecting a regular cafe, but i discovered a whole lot more. It’s a genuine coffee bar.
This is really a roaster and retail store for Proud Mary, one of the long time coffee highlights of Melbourne.
There isn’t a lot of seating, you can sit at the bar or on a bench. These guys then run you through how it all works.
No milk
No Sugar
Just coffee in a heap of different way.

I’m normally a Piccolo drinker but can handle black so gave it a try, an i didn’t miss milk. It made me feel like i’d been mis treating coffee ever having milk in it, thats how good this coffee is.

I managed to get a bit of a tour at the end of our time there, past the turn tables to the roasters and out to the store room full of the green beans.

If you are a coffee snob… just go here. But if you are… you already know this.
Check them out on Facebook (they do it good)
Visit them at 200 Wellington Street Collingwood

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