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Who am I? | Answering My Questions

Updated July 2016
As part of my booking process I always get clients to give me some info on who they are so I can get to know them. I always discover new thing like cafe’s, books, movies. I really enjoy it. So it’s time to fill in the form all about me. so here it is.

Favourite Music / Bands

I was hooked on Queen in highschool and can still sing all the words but now things have changed and I’m kind of all over the place, some folk, some pop, some rock, some classical… it really is all over the place. You can get a good idea over at my spotify account (faves playlist gives a good idea, and the cheeselist is particularly embarrassing)

Bands that regularly recur are Augie March, Simon and Garfunkel, Mika, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Rosette, David Bowie… and those pop songs that get stuck in your head.

Favourite Drink (Alcoholic and Not so alcoholic)

So i’m not a massive drinker, but when i do have a drink it’s really mood dependant. I swing between a good microbrew beer espresso martinis, and my fave for an evening sipping is Grand Mariner on ice. Then again, I don’t say no to a good wine.

As for Non Alcoholic… Really good coffee. I’m sorry I won’t drink your instant… I’m a coffee snob. When I had a proper espresso machine I got my beans from the USA, Yes, that much of a snob. At the moment we only have a plunger, the pod machine disappeared into the back of the cupboard and only comes out when we need espresso for a cake recipe. Plus good mineral water is a fave.

Favourite Cafe / Eating Out Place

Gah… too many to choose from, St Ali in South Melbourne is pretty great but so is my local The Parlor in Cheltenham and… well there are hundreds in Melbourne I love, keep an eye on my instagram to see where i am heading!
In Tasmania it’s Black Cow, Stillwater, and Smolt. Many of my fave cafe’s have changed hands of late so i still need to head back and check them out again, it’s a tough job but i will make sure I do it soon.

Favourite Book / Podcast

I read (and listen) to a lot of business books and binge on the occasional popular book series (i.e. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Bourne series). Also a big fan of Shaun Tan

Podcasts i’m into are Louis Howes School of Greatness, Michael Hyatt’s This is Yout Life and The Moth,

Favourite Movie / TV shows

TV: How I Met Your Mother, West Wing, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Frontline, Spicks and Specks, Mad as Hell all get a good bashing on the laptop (don’t own a tv)

Movies: Star Wars (mostly 4-7, but can put up with 1-3 for my daughters sake), Anything Hitchcock, Anything Wes Anderson, American Beauty, Princess Bride, The movies from the 80’s like Ghostbusters and Gremlins. 28 Days Later and

Favourite Sport / Team

I’m pretty new to following any forms of sport… So far i’ve picked up Melbourne in AFL, Storm in NRL and Sandringham in VFL. Of course Cricket is Australia… and even thought i’m a Victorian now, I still go for Tasmania in the national comp.

Favourite Treat

Good quality dark chocolate, Time out at the Cinema

Favourite Magazine

Inside Out, My Business, Mens Health, Vanity Fair

Anything Else?

Love discovering the perfect park/coffee combination (park for saffron, coffee for me… well I also enjoy the slide so it’s kind of both for me.)

I’m also have a nutrition business on the side, it’s been a life changer for me and love helping people achieve their goals in getting more energy, loosing some weight getting better sports performance ( I lost 20kg’s initially, kept it off since ) Many of my current and former clients are in my team so if you are looking for anything to get out of the where you are on onto where you want to be, lets have a chat!

I gym also, it’s pretty new at it but so far so good!.

Walking along the beach with good music in my ear is my favourite way to start the day.

There are also a hundred or more places I plan to explore in the world including Italy, the USA, Antactica, More of Europe (already spent time in UK, Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and accidentally Slovenia)


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