2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards | Melbourne Photographer

bayside award winning photographer

The 2017 Australiand Professional Photography Awards. Weeks of lead up of worry, stress, working and reworking on images, entering, printing, then weeks praying the judges like them enough to award them a silver or gold award. I was pretty happy to walk away with 2 silvers for these portraits, both commissioned images for clients. I love that my award images are mostly commissioned. Really is the best feeling knowing that my day to day work is recognised as above the professional standard and into award standard!

So in addition to the silvers, I also picked up a Gold Bar on top of the 2 Gold Bars I already have on my Master of Photography. Essentially i’ve earned enough awards to be a Master of Photography 4 times over. Which is pretty awesome.

The last 10 or so years i’ve been lucky to be asked to judge these awards too, you don’t judge your own work but you do get to see everything that is going on in the australian photography world and get inspired. They kept calling us the pinnacle of the profession which is humbling.

So for now…. i’ve got to go and recovery from the party last night, the lack of sleep and celebrate my little win. Now to get the next Bar! (there is always another level to aim for)