2019 Victorian Awards

Last week we had the 2019 Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards up at Melbourne Polytechnic. 2 very long days of judging over many categories all filled with fantastic images.
As well as entering I get the privilege of judging (this is my 17th year as a judge!) I really love judging as you get to celebrate the best of best, justify your position on the images and hopefully convince the other judges to rescore up an award level or two. On the other side of things when images just fall short we get to give encouragement and feedback to improve the photographers chances at the next awards.

This year I picked up 4 Silvers, 3 in the travel category and another in the family category. I’ll share the travel shots here, i’ll keep the family shot a little longer and post it on it’s own in the future.

The shot above is of Mouse at the Disney Concert Hall in LA. Below is Chateau Relaxo from Slab City in south central California and below that is a very moving protest shot on Santa Monica Pier. I love finding something different that the post card shots when travelling, these are from last years impromptu trip to the US.

Stay tuned for August when the national awards take place up in Sydney!

And some of the many judges and helpers who made it all possible!