2020 Fathers day gift ideas

Top ideas for Father's Day Gifts 2020

Father’s Day is here again and it’s all looking a bit different this year. Locked down, not able to do too much or somewhat normal, we are all seeing things a bit differently.

But Dad’s still doing awesomely, and I’ve thrown together a little Iso-centric gift guide for things that can be delivered to your door for different types of Dad’s. So here we go…

For the coffee Dad...

Coffee is a way of life for most Dad’s… well many adult humans in general. And while a great coffee machine at home is pretty awesome to have and to play with, an Aeropress is perfect for that time when you are out and about or just don’t have the kitchen space for the whizzbang machine. The Aeropress is great for camping too… because instant coffee isn’t real. Grab one at heaps of places online.

For the fun Dad...

I reckon this is the best game out there for Dad’s with at least two kids who are love games and getting a bit rough. We have had Throw Throw Burrito for a couple of years now and it is the BEST. It’s a card game mixed with dodge ball. Not many card games will keep mid primary through to high school kids occupied and wanting to play, but this one well. We have had a lot of fun and multiple injuries with this one.

Go grab it at Kmart, Target or better still support your local game shop.

For the Lego Dad...

Yes the Harry Potter and Star Wars lego is pretty cool and fun to build but sometimes you just want to bunker down and do something a little bit more grown up while also being a big kid. I’m addicted to the Lego Architecture Series, over the years I’ve built the Great Wall of China, The White House, New York and a few more. They are heaps of fun and look great on the shelf on display.

Grab them anywhere but I LOVE Toot Toot Toys who have a great range.

For the quality booze and treat Dad...

I don’t have to say much about this, just look at the photo. Really good chocolate and really good booze! And Koko Black have a heap of different options available including gin, wine and whisky. 
Might get this for myself…
Available at KokoBlack

For the Dad's I've already photographed...

One of the most personal gifts is of course some photos of the kids. Dad’s love them and the 2 dimensional ones don’t talk back or need nappies changed! Double win!

This year I’ve put together a couple of little special products, one a smaller version of the popular acrylic blocks and the other a brand spanking new idea I’ve bought to life… round metal magnets! 

The limited fathers day acrylics blocks are the cute size of 10×10 cm’s, are free standing and have a cool floating 3D effect. Perfect on bookshelves, coffee tables and desks (even if that is the kitchen table at the moment).
Cost is $55 for 1, or $120 for 3. 
Only available for awesome people who have already had a session with me. Simply shoot me a message and let me know you are keen and we will get the ball rolling! Orders deadline 22 August 2020.

The fridge magnets are the same as the very popular Christmas tree ornaments we had out last year, just this time there is no hole and a magnet! Printed onto thin metal, these chromalux disks have vibrant colours and just look great on the fridge.

Available in sets of three, either three different images of three copies of the same image.
Cost, $70 including postage. 
Simply shoot me a message  to let me know if you would like a set or 2 (Don’t forget granddad!)
Order by 22nd of August to make sure they arrive in time.  

For the Dad's I haven't photographed yet...

It’s been a hard year allllll round, families have been together for a heap of time. While many people are seeing this is the year to forget, it’s also a year to remember what your family has achieved being together. 

A thoughtful present without alot of thinking… Dad’s work hard and love their kids!

This Father’s Day give the Dad in your world a gift that will celebrate your family surviving 2020  come with a Photobat Family Portrait Experience valued at $510.

PLUS beause Dad’s love other stuff too…

Your choice of either a $50 Toot Toot Toyshop Voucher (Lego!) $50 Dan Murphy’s Voucher (booze!), $50 Anaconda Voucher (adventure!) or a $50 Bunnings Voucher (handy stuff, please make sure your ambulance subscription is up to date if you want this one).

Jump over to Photobat’s Shop to get some ideas and buy the voucher. Vouchers will be posted up until the week before Father’s Day, after that an electronic one will be emailed.