Photobat : THEN AND NOW


20 years of Photobat

What is the Photobat Then and Now?

Photobat is turning 20 this year and over the last 20 years i’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of portrait, now it’s time to see where everyone is now!

The best part of Photobat for me hasn’t been the photos, it’s been the people in the photos. The families i’ve met and become friends with over the years. I don’t like calling you clients, i’ve been at alot of weddings and special moments so I consider you all friends.

The book project will be raising funds for Beyond Blue, I have chosen this fantastic charity as it is national so it covers all areas I work and sadly mental health issues have effected many of the families i’ve photographed over the years, so it seems appropriate to be giving to them so they can continue to support families like us.

At the moment i’m looking at having space in the book for 40 families, there maybe room to expand but at the moment, 40 is the goal.

How will it work?

As soon as I can get back out photographing i’ll be kicking off these sessions. I’m really excited about them so it will be pretty soon after the ban has been lifted.

Once all the sessions have been completed I will be designing and publishing a fantastic book using a photo from this session and one from the past, or if you have had multiple sessions we can include multiple photos.

Families who jump into this project will also have the opportunity to have a full location portrait sessions. 

Who can be in this project?
Any previous Photobat Clients, wedding or portrait from over the years.

We haven’t expanded the family, can we still be involved?
Sure! I’m capturing all kinds of families even if that is just the two of you.

I had a session in the last 12 months, can we get in the book without another session?
I’m planning on only including families photographed in 2020, for those who would like to be involve we can organise a quick top up session to get you in!

When will the shoots be taking place?
No idea, the plan is to get everyone registered and then once I can get back to work i’ll schedule the sessions in.

Where will the shoots be?
I’ll be photographing all the spots the Photos shoots, Launceston, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney are already on the cards, but please register if you are outside those areas so I can work on adding you in.

Do I have to buy additional artwork?
There is no requirement to purchase anything from your session, but we do find that people love what we do and don’t want to leave them behind. A full pricing guide will be run through before you book in.

When will the book be available?
The initial plan was to have it ready for November 2020 so we can have parties and book launches in Melbourne and in Tasmania. Due to the current state of the world, I’m hoping to have the book ready for April 2021 or earlier.

We want to be involved but things are a bit up in the air at the moment, how can we get involved?
I understand that at the moment things can be tough for many families, but I don’t want you to miss out. Please register and we will work something out, we are family after all! 

What’s included:

Your location portrait session, personally designed around you and what you are into at this time of your lives.

A double pages spread in the Photobat Then and Now book.

A personalised in person appointment to review the photos from the session, where you will have the opportunity to purchase additional artwork packages if you like.  There will be some special Before and After packages available that will include a copy of the book. If you don’t want to purchase one of those packages the book will be available to purchase separate. 

What’s not included

Additional prints and artworks from your session, but they can be purchased. To get an idea of all we do now check out the Photobat Product Guide

The book. Photobat will be self publishing the book and depending on the amount of families involved the copy of the book pricing will vary. I will be selling the book at cost price and estimate it will be between $65-80. Some of the special Before and After Artwork packages will also include a copy of the book.

Keen? Please fill in your details below to register your interest and we will be own touch very soon.