2021… The story so far | Melbourne Family Photographer

2021 has been a fun ride here, being a Melbourne family photographer I’ve been out and about a heap capturing families connecting together. I’ve had the joys of heading south to Tasmania a couple of times to photograph families all over Tasmania but it seems like the Melbourne beaches are winning in terms of locations… yep, it seems like Bayside familes love the beach!

melbourne family photographer

That is not to say that I’ve had some fantastic places that have special meanings to photograph at. I’ve been at soccer pitches, historic homes, family farms, back yards, front yards, laneways, the city and of course parks.

Oh the return families are also pretty special and the first half of this year I’ve photographed four families who I was there for the parents wedding! Plus some sisters who I first photographed when they were about 4 and 6 and now they are both studying at uni away from home! I really love that I can be there to capture the way families grow.

Here are a few of my faves from the start of the year, the rest of the year is looking pretty epic too with all the postponed portrait sessions from the last couple of lockdowns to photograph here in Melbourne, in Tasmania and also up in Brisbane!

The Photobat Bucket List - Update

The 2021 Photobat Bucket List is still on the go and I’ve still got a lot to go, in fact I’ve only ticked off one thing but come pretty close to another!
I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the concept of a bucket list, the list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. I’ve got one of these for my own life and while I was driving about earlier this year I came up with a heap of different ideas of photos I’d love to take. I’ve already had a list in my mind for years but how does that help!
So I’ve put together a bucket list of family portraits / experiences / people and places I’d love to be to photograph around Melbourne and beyond. Here are some of the top ones on the list.

Sunrise Stand Up Paddle-board family session – This one is for one of those still summer mornings, epic clouds or blue sky, still morning with the family together on their boards.

Kid/s in Inner tubes in the sea / bay – I have this idea / vision of this shot. It would need to be taken from a jetty / pier and will be pretty epic, this would need to be a boy or girl  from about 8 onwards.
Family in the snow
- In all my years I’ve only photographed once in the snow, and that was an accident as the wedding just 
happened to be on a mountain and it was unexpectedly cold.
Epic family water pistol fight – I’m not afraid to get wet, and some of my favourite memories are the water fights around the house. The kids ganging up with dad, and then one of the kids being cheeky and getting the hose and then Dad leveling up with a bucket. 
Family with boat fishing trip – heading out and capturing the family doing what they do on the boar
A scaly pet, lizard / snake – Not every family is a dog and cat family. When I was growing up my best friend had a python as a pet in her bedroom! In a world full of fluff, let’s get the scales out and play… but not like this.
At Home pyjama / onsie party with a family including epic exploding pillow fight
First Australians – A family that celebrates their heritage 
Really good cosplay family – I do love a good dress up shoot and I know Cosplayer familes go all out and put a lot of work into their costumes. Taking the family and putting them into a location that suits the characters will be so cool to do. 
How does it work?
It’s a standard style session so, just with more epic ness. For helping withe e bucket list shots there is a good amount of me looking after the family involved.
Really, families who loved to have fun and appreciate photography as not just something that lives on a wall or in an album not on a USB in the drawer.

When do I want to do this by?
There is no real time limit, it will happen when the right people come along… of course if you are the right person, or know the right person Get In Touch