25 September Eastern Bridal Overcast night, I’…

25 September

Eastern Bridal

Overcast night, I’m sitting in St Helens (East Coast Tasmania), I’m outside, probably cold for most people but there is only a light breeze and I was too hot inside. Plus it’s like I’m in my own little world, my own personal restaurant with no distractions… And unlike most outdoors areas there are no smokers here, which is quite enjoyable.

To set the scene even more I’m at Doherty’s St Helens Resort, staying over night as they have a bridal fair on tomorrow and I’m going to be part of it. This is the first time I have done a bridal fair so it’s all a learning experience, and I’ve been planning this for a while. I have had 6 wedding enlargements made and matted and also a large canvas print made and stretched, which will be a bit different to what other people may be presenting,

I went and did some research last weekend at the Launceston Casino’s annual bridal fair. This was a great little experience; I had been to one fair before and didn’t get a lot from it. Now I know more of what to expect and to do. Plus the biggest thing was to meet some new people and make some good contacts.

Back to the preparations, I also have made 50 of my wedding price guides up and folded them all while watching One Hour Photo with Robin Williams… I hope the nice girl at my mini-lab doesn’t turn out like that…. I also made some pamphlet holders, unlike the standard ones you see everywhere I personalized mine, I bought an 8 x 10 inch frame and stuck a plastic holder on the glass, so this will stand up on it’s own on a at …. Pizza has arrived… ble and also has a photo as the back ground,

I also have my centre piece, a large bowl of smarties, I bought 3 kilos of them and some small cups (so people keep their fingers out of the bowl and also keep their fingers clean. The smarties have been in my office for a week, and every single one of them made it here with out being eaten (I did have to go buy a small container of smarties to take away the cravings).

I also got some flowers… which I know I should have patted down the pollen so it didn’t get on things, but I didn’t so it got on my suit.. Hopefully it will all come off in time for tomorrow.