35 degrees

Last Saturday was hot, very very hot and I had the pleasure of spending it with Scott and Paula at their gorgeous wedding down south.

IT all started at Sfumato Hair where Paula and the rest of the girls enjoyed cups of tea while the team there expertly made everyone’s hair look great.

The guys, including the groom’s-woman, had it a little easier; i caught up with them having their second breakfast monster muffins at Machine in Salamanca Square. I’m still surprised at how little of the muffins were left, they honestly made a dinner plate look tiny

All the preparations then took place in the Salamanca Terraces, the girls up stairs in the penthouse and the guys down on the bottom level. It was getting really warm, you could call it boiling. The fan in the boy’s room was the most popular sitting spot.

It was like a police lock down when it was time to do some photos of Paula, a lot of the guests were staying in the same hotel, so when we went in to the hall to take some shots, bridesmaids were deployed to doors all and the lift to make sure no one caught a glimpse of Paula before her arrival.

The girls also had a stack of jelly beans on hand to keep sugar levels up; they were even in Paula’s dads hand when they arrived at St David’s for the ceremony. So rather than just taking a separate detail shots of the jelly beans and the rings, I shot the spectacular Tomas Meinhofer rings in the beans!

The ceremony was quite teary, with Scott struggling not to cry when all the bridesmaids, bride and father of the bride walked down the isle with tears in their eyes.

After the ceremony and family photos we had half an hour for photos before the mystery reception was set to begin. I turned around and say the fantastic buildings across the road from the cathedral and decided instantly that was where we were going to have photos. I had no idea it was the Law society of Tasmania, quite fitting as Paula and Scott met while studying Law.


And then, just as I started to think about our next location, the fantastic people who live next door to the Law Society, invited up in to take some photos there. It was brilliant and unexpected, and a welcome relief from the heat. I just wish we had more time to get more photos there.

The reception location was kept a secret from most of the guests, and was revealed when we all stepped on board Peppermint Bay II to head down 75 km’s down the river to the reception.


The night went so quickly, and we were blessed with fantastic scenery including rainbows and one of the best sunsets I had witnessed in years.


It all ended all too soon and we were all back on the boat to Hobart, but that wasn’t the end of the photos. We headed back to Lenna and got some fantastic shots around the new and old building; Scott and Paula still looked fantastic even though it was 1am and still quite warm.

It was such a fantastic day and I can’t wait to share the photos with Scott and Paula, so many great moments!

Special thanks has to go to Jane Ward of Sacred Heart wedding who did a fantastic job making the day run smoothly, including a last minute drive to find the missing cravat. And another big plug for Luxe Flowers, who again did their usual fantastic job with the flowers, I can’t recommend them enough.