365 Project

It’s been a couple of years since I really pushed myself with a new project. You may remember that I did a portrait of the week for over 300 weeks¬† and it was so benificial to my photography skills and development. Now I’m pushing things to a new level with attempting 2 x 365 projects. The whole idea of a 365 project is to take one photo a day for a full year. That would be too easy so I’m doing two concurrent ones, a general one that could be anything that I see, do, people I meet up with, anything. The other one revolves around our little monkey that lives with us. I’m not sure if 365 days of Saffron will melt the internet with cuteness but I’m curious to find out.

Check out the progress over on my Flickr page

I’ll be attempting to post the Saffron ones over on instagram too, follow my progress there by searching for photobat_alan
I have no idea if I’ll make it the whole way, It shouldn’t be too hard should it?