4 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 2019 Edition

Father’s Day is creeping up really quickly, so I thought it was time to drop 4 ideas for the Dad in your life.

1: Portable Solar Generator!  


Now when Dad is out of reach to a standard powerpoint he can whip out his PHOENIX PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR WITH BUILT-IN 20W SOLAR PANEL and plug his phone, laptop or maybe even his car battery… maybe that last one is just for me. Go grab one here!

2: Sock Subscription 

I go through a lot of socks, so the idea of having a new pair of socks delivered to me each month is pretty exciting. Imagine the knock on the door and the delivery guy handing you a box… you know it’s socks but no idea what is going to be on them! I love this idea!! Check out Manrags for a good service.

3: Garden Maintenance Voucher

When time isn’t your friend, the garden tends to suffer… or when hay fever season hits, the garden isn’t your friend… or when you just don’t like gardens… A voucher to get someone else to do the boring bits just once would be amazing. Of course, Jim can help you out

4: A Photobat Portrait Experience

Once VIkashni surprised me with a photo of Saffron (that I didn’t take) it was so special, more special than I realised. As a Da,d I have such a huge love for my kids and just a simple photo of my children looking happy and doing things they love brings me to tears.

Current Father’s Day Voucher includes the planning session, the portrait session, the viewing, an 8×12 inch matted print and an additional $100 credit towards additional artwork PLUS i’m throwing in a SOCK VOUCHER!!!
Normally all this is $599, but for Dad’s it’s just $99!
Click here to head over to the Photobat shop for all the details!