Ivan and Alicia | Wedding Photography

I had some jealousy issues with Ivan and Alicias place. Cookbooks and coffee machine. Let leave it and that so we can focus on how amazing they made their wedding day was.

The best weddings are the ones with a real hugh lump of who the couple are. This wedding was totally about Ivan and Alicia. When Ivan first told me that they were looking to get married in June, in the Hartz Mountains and hopefully there will be snow, I was excited. This is a couple who actively wanted some average weather to play a part in their day. And it cetrainly did play a part, but that was ok, the rain was solved with an umbrella and the mud was solved by bumblebee gum boots (as if there was any other option). So Ivan has some scottish blood in him, so instead of the usual “i’m wearing a kilt” it was decided to go in search of some friendly and slightly frisky Highland Cows.

So you can tell they love the outdoors but they also love the indoors, especially their kitchen where they made their wedding cake. It’s not often that you get to the reception and the first thing the couple do is asselble the cake. So many more things I can say but I think the photos can say more.

Congratulations again Ivan and Alicia, may you have a long life and possible have some baby cows named after you!