5 great channels to watch on youtube

With the whole COVID19 S***Storm happening, everyone is jumping onto Netflix, Prime and everyone ther streaming service to fill in their time. It reminds me of the days of old when we used to head down to the video store and try pick a video to watch that night, it normally took about half an hour to decide what to watch and if we picked a bad movie, bad luck that is all you had… unless you got the 5 weeklies for $10, but that never was the new releases we wanted to watch.

Youtube is also jam packed with content and like the video store, you can get stuck trying to find something good to watch, but unlike the video store you can get sucked into a blackhole of cat videos and loose half a day.

To help you cut through the poop, here are my favourite channels and my favourite videos from them. I’ve gone all out and found 5 for you, and it won’t cost you $10!

Why these videos in particular? I believe they are the best videos on the channel or give a really good representation of what to expect. If you like one of the videos, dive into the creators back catalogue as there is hundreds of hours of great material there that cover your entertainment, educational and motivational pleasure.

Let me know in the comments who you love to watch most on YouTube (Unless it’s kids unboxing slime… i’m not into that at ALL!

In no particular order…

Peter McKinnon – The Bucket Shot

Yes Theory – We Helicopter Bungee Jumped with Wil Smith

Casey Neistat – What Would You Do With $25,000

Cody Wanner 1 Year of Daily // En Homage

Soul Pancake – What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1