5 things i’ve learnt in the last 12 months | Personal Ramblings

Hmm… I was just thinking about some things that i’ve learnt in the last 12 months of having a little human baby to keep alive and happy…. here are a couple of things…

Back up and keep photos/videos organised. That includes renaming them. If you start at the start of the babies life it’s easier. Think about how hard it generally is to get the negatives of your baby photos. The digital files ARE you negatives so make sure you look after them so that the great grandkids can look at them. Plus get them printed, at least the key ones because the great grandkids might be experts at their laser guided rocket jetpacks, but they may have no idea on how to use a CD/DVD, but i’m sure their eyes will still work to look at a print.

Sleep. We were told to “have as much sleep before the baby arrives so that you have some banked up” Yeah. that realllllllly worked. (note the sarcasm)

Microwave bottle sterilisers are great as long as you keep water in them. If not they have a tendency to melt. Plus they are great for steaming carrots (note, the last point may be false and no i didn’t try it but I did think about it.)

Flying Jetstar wasn’t fun. We had to change flights in Melbourne, which mean recheck in. It’s was our first flight with a 3 month old, we had a heap of extra stuff that we had to pick up and recheck in. Probably wouldn’t have been so bad if the line to check in wasn’t all the way back to the Virgin check in.

Get a cleaner if you can for a couple of months. Enjoying the new baby is more important than vacuuming.

There are about another 1000 things i’ve learnt, i’ll add them below when they come to mind. Alan