6 Christmas Gifts You Didn’t Think Of, and 1 You Did

It’s getting pretty close to a man in a suit coming down a chimney or through the reverse-cycle air con (I think that is how he gets in here)
Here are some great last minute ideas for Christmas gifts, most of which you can order online and still have to give on the big day.

Ropes Course
Perfect for families who love a bit of adventure or for building up resilience in kids (and adults) who might need a bit of confidence. I did this with Saffron las year and she was on such a high after completing it. Look up one in an area near you, we went to Trees Adventure at Glen Harrow Park

Ticket Gift Vouchers
So many great events, concerts, and comedy are listed over the summer, infant way too many to decide on what to get. So grab a voucher and let the awesome person decide on what they would like to see. I’d recommend the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala if you wanted to get actual tickets not just a voucher.

Zoo Pass
We love the zoo, and we loved it when we got Zoo passes for a couple of Christmases. So great o just be able to rock up to the zoo and have a few hours wandering about.

Know someone who keeps saying” I’ve got too much stuff and i don’t know where to start!” or they got on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and only got half way through. Google decluttering services in your area and organise a voucher! Probably best to have a chat with the recipient first… all their stuff might be precious treasures!

How can you go wrong (oh except for the lactose intolerant. that can go very wrong) My top tips for Melbourne chocolate is to head to Coal Valley Farm chocolate in the Block Arcade in Melbourne CBD or in Tas at their stores.

For the dog lover
You can not beat my friend Peter Sharp’s incredible book “Lost but Found”. This beautiful book is full of photos and stories of dogs who have been rehomed. You can find it online or better still in your local book shop. It’s a bit of a tear jerker and will be loved by your dog loving friends.

Date Night
Just buy a packet of Dates from Coles and give it to a friend to eat in one night! Another way you could do it is to think about friends who have kids who never get out. Throw them a voucher for movie tickets and your services for baby sitting for the night. Get them out and some couple time! Extra points if you throw in a hotel room and clean their house when they are away!

Everlasting memories! A Photobat Gift Voucher
Oh, what a surprise, I’m suggesting a family photoshoot! Photobat has a few different last minute Christmas voucher offers on the go right now, with 3 different vouchers packed with savings between $425 to $690 and starting at only $85. Check out www.photobat.net/shop for all the details. Order by Sunday to get the voucher to give at Christmas!

Image above via Adobe Stock cause it’s funny.