7 days left. Things are a bit frantic, lots…

7 days left.

Things are a bit frantic, lots to do, little time left ect.

Above you will see the nice flier that the Umbilical Bros are using in Edinburgh.

You might recognise some of the photos on it, I think it’s one of the best flier use of my photos to date, I’ll be seeing their show on the 14th I think.

So things are getting moved from one place to another, things that I need to take with me, things I don’t need, things I want to take but haven’t got as far as buying them and even some things that I didn’t know I had. One thing that was coming and now isn’t is Wellington, my partner in media stuff and shared accommodation. It’s a pity he’s not going to make it, I’m sure he will have a part to play in all this still.

I’ve also managed to fit in 3 shoots in the last few days, and have got the orders away to be printed too. Add to that the wedding albums that have finally arrived and the latest batch of big prints back from Melbourne things are going fine.

New business card has arrived too, some people like it, some people don’t, I personally like it and it’s a bit different.

I have an interview for The Mercury tomorrow and a photo on Friday. I don’t have an exhibition to stand in front of here, so it will be interesting to see what the photographer does. More news as it comes to hand.