7.10 am… yesterday I think… well It’s the 11th he…

7.10 am… yesterday I think… well It’s the 11th here. I’ve got a latte… well, it’s a good attempt at one and a bargin at 2.19 pound… so that’s about $6 aus or something… have to drink coffee sparingly. I’ve fired up the new Ipod for the first time… put it on random all songs, and it chose London Calling by the Clash followed by the Sex Pistols… think it knows where it is.

I’m sitting in gate 5, Heathrow Airport awaiting my connection to the lovely city of Edinburgh. After the flight I’m fealing ok, got in at 5.30am, we booked the connecting flight with a few hours to clear poassport control and customs… it took a total of 20 minutes and there are 3 flights that leave for Edinburgh before mine, I could have changed, but as the nice man said, I have connecting luggage… so another 2 hour wait.

I’ve developed a slight headache since arriving, nothing to major, I have to take another of my Singaporeian Panadol, god bless large multinational pharacutical companies in keeping their branding the same everywhere. My other major purchase in the 45 minute stop over in Singapore was a 1.5 liter bottle of water.

The ladies I was sitting next to all the way from Melbourne were on the way to do a bus tour starting in Vienna and taking in all the sights from the Sound Of Music. That would be a bit of a riot, a bus load of mid to late year old ladies traveling around Europe singing such hits as Do Re Me, How do you solve a problem like Maria and who can forget that song that the kids sing when they are going to bed. It would probably be a great thing to document, the old ducks with their dragged along husbands.

The ladies, where were mother and daughter (I forgot their names straight away, a problem that I have). The Mum was about to turn 80, and as like any good 80 year old, she had a large collection of drugs, one of which I used to stop my sudden outburst of hay fever.

I did sleep for about ¾ of the flight from Singapore, but we were served breakfast at 3am GMt, which kind of shook me up a bit, would have preferred sleep.

On the flight I watched the movies Peaches (OK, I liked it, all I expect from an Aus film.), Sin City… which blew my mind… now I want to do some serious lighting set ups for portraits to recreate the gritty contrast of that film, I hope they bring out more like it, I have to see Sin City again on the big screen sometime. Also saw a bit of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, which I had seen before and I appreciated it a lot more the second time around, it is a great adaptation, still think it could have been improved by including a few of the classic lines “Arthur- In times like this I wish I had listened to what my mother told me.” Ford – “What did she tell you? Arthur – “I don’t know I wasn’t listening”.

I’ve hit the dazed feeling… I think the coffee has pushed me over.

I might go see if I can find a map of Edinburgh so I can hit the ground running.

Wish I had a towel…