A beautiful morning with a beautiful family | Family Portrait Launceston

I met Jean at a wedding. He was in the band. I then re met him when he was in a wedding and then again when he was in another wedding. Along the way I met Amanda and now we have all got together with their two cute, awesome, fun, beautiful and playful Lira and Leo.

Lira and I had some time for her to show me her bedroom before Leo woke from his nap. She loved showing me all her things and especially showing me photos of all her friends. When Leo decided it was wakey time we spent a heap of time playing in the back yard, with Jean relearning the lesson of “holding a baby above your head just after it has had a drink, never ends well

There was so much singing, laughing and so many beautiful moments that it was hard to stop shooting and it was certainly sad to say good bye, especially for Lira  who wanted me to watch the wiggles with her.

Thanks again Amanda and Jean on the really great session, can’t wait to get your artworks to you!