A little island called Crete

After Athens we headed to Crete, initially we were planning on heading to somewhere else but trying to get the maze of flight and ferry connections to work, Vikashni and I decided that Crete was our best option.

We stayed at three very different places0, the best being Kato Zakros a beachside village that was tiny. Fantastic to wake up to the sounds of the water and just walk a few meters to the Tavern for breakfast.

Windmill ruins, Lasshiti Plateau

We rented our car from this guy in Sitia, Mr Kazamera

The most historic monastary on Crete, Moni Toplou, is across the road from this little church.

One of the friendly patrons in Kato Zakros

Some old gentlemen having coffee who we completly managed to not have a good cross cultural conversation. Even with thephrasebook we couldn’t communicate that well, we pointed at words and phrases and they pointed at their eyes… it seems that when you go to have your afternoon sit down, reading glasses are not high on the to take list.

Ag. Georgios

The historic little town or Herakloin, not recommended to drive their at peak hour…

¬†More photos soon… next stop Folegandros