A little rant…

At the moment we are doing something that we have never done before, and am happy to do it but sad that we are doing it.

The story starts a couple of weeks ago when we had a phone call from a lady who was looking for someone to put her wedding album together. As we are a full service wedding photography business the idea of putting together another photographers wedding album just seemed odd. Why wouldn’t the photographer have just done it? After finding out a bit more about what this lady was looking for, we made a time to meet up and see if we could give her a hand.


It turns out that the lady has a fully designed wedding album with prints just needing to be assembled. It is a little different than how our albums are assembled, but nothing that we can not do with a few hours of construction. The lady had lost all confidence in the photographer, and that extended to getting the photographer to finish off a simple album construction.


She decided that she would do it on her own. Many years down the track, time has dragged out, the kids have arrived and the album is in the same state it was when it was given to her.


I guess it really pisses me off when photographers who call themselves professional show such bad service that the client looses all trust with them.


I have heard other stories in the past about bad service and each time I hear them it pushes me to do even more to deliver fantastic wedding photography experiences to all the couples who book me. Even the couples who do not book Photobat generally receive something, like a referral to another trusted photographer or some ideas towards their day.

I’m not saying we are perfect here, because we aren’t. There have been some occasions that we have fallen below expectations and we always do everything we can to make things right.

A wedding is one of the most special days in their lives and no matter what, I really want everyone to have a day they will look back on and smile rather than feal sad about what went on.


I’m looking forward to giving this lady back her album so that she will have something to show her kids when they are old enough to understand its significance.