A Photographers Portrait

A couple of weekends ago Vikashni and I were lucky enough to have Belinda Fettke take some photos of us, it was kind of an engagement portrait as we hadn’t had one before. Josef Chromy‘s vineyard was the selected location for the session, I can’t wait to shoot a wedding out there, it is a great location. It was interesting and fun to be on the other side of the lens again, i still pull faces and act up like I did when i was 6. We can’t wait to see the photos… (hint hint Beinda!!!).

After we had finished our first little session we had some coffee and tea in the cellar door, which is where I had the chance to pull out my camera and add Belinda to my Portrait of the Week Collection. Belinda is a fantastic photographer who honed her shills shooting for Scotch Oakburn College and is now out on her own shooting weddings and portraits. We regularly get together and share ideas, tips and out favourite photos which is something i want to do more with other photographers, it can only strengthen each other and also the industry. Make sure you check her website… it will be up soon!