A quick little update plus a preview


It’s all systems go here at Photobat. Infact, we have more systems going than we thought we had! So many wedding and portraits on the go and more to look forward to.We are really pumping out some work at the moment so may be a little slow in getting back to you but we will get back to you.

Being busy is good, but I would like to assure you there is room for more!

Anyway, a little story about the shot above of Cooper and Jack.

Their parents Naomi and Neville ran away many years ago for a holiday to Tasmania before heading back to Melbourne for their engagement party, of course the holiday included a bit of eloping and the engagement party turned into a surprise wedding reception.

We love to keep up with what our clients are up to and one year we lost track of Naomi and Neville. We looked and searched but they just disappeared, until a couple of weeks ago when Naomi rang to day they were coming for a holiday and bringing the boys.

They boys are great and it was lots of fun re connecting with these guys, finding out what has been going on where they moved to and more importantly getting their details so we can keep in touch.

So, if you have moved, please let us know. You never know when we may surprise you with something in the mail!