A quick preview… Beaumaris Family Portrait

A little blog to explain what happens after EVERY session I do. I can’t wait to share the photos, it’s just like when you are watching a really great show and you get to the ned of the episode and you just have to press next. That’s me with photoshoots.

I get home, download, back up and then tell myself “I’ll edit these at the time I have scheduled in my diary….”
Then I think “well, maybe just a quick flick through..”
And then
“Well I may as well do a quick edit on my favourite images…”
And then
“OMG so many photos I love, I’s so excited to share these with the family”

And then I get myself back on track and do the things I was supposed to be doing, complete the editing when I had it scheduled and hang out excited to share the images with the family. 

I love that part as much as I love capturing the photos, the laughs and smiles (and yes tears are common too, which is contagious as if you cry a dust storm comes through my window into my eyes too)

And then we get to design artwork get it created and have all the joy and happiness again when the artwork goes up on the wall.

So I guess I really love what I do, and the smiles don’t stop because when I head into clients homes, sometimes upto 15 years after an initial session and see the artwork on the wall I smile again. 

I used to love seeing my photos on billboards, in magazines and DVD covers, I still do. But when a family portrait is really treasured, that is the best.

And this was a shot from last night, that I love, and it distracted me from making the actual blog post I was supposed to write!