A new… old project… (Yes. It’s back)

My little talk for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography a couple of weeks ago got me thinking. Having 10 minute to talk about 10 points to inspire a group of 60 or so photographers  was great but I think I’m the one who got the most inspiration from my presentation. I talked about things I’ve done, to be specific dumb things, some good and some bad. A lot of it centred around things that I just got too busy to do, little things that got me to where I am today that really pushed me to develop.

One of those things was all about personal projects. I once had as many projects coming out of my camera as iPhones out of China. I still have some but you could say they are on slow simmer, popping their heads up when the mood takes me.

My longest ever project was my Portrait of The Week series. For over 250 weeks I shot a portrait to push myself. I then got busy and stopped. I’ve realised that this was a bit of a mistake and now I’m challenging myself to shoot a new series of portraits of the week. For at least 12 weeks. Can I make it? No idea, will you bug me if I don’t? I hope so!
So Thursdays is my portrait of the week blog post day. One coming up this Thursday. But for old times sake, here is the first ever portrait of the week I shot. Recognise this young guy? Shot in Hobart on the 4th of January 2002.