A Very Serious Football Game | Vintage Comedian Photos

It’s nearly Comedy Festival time and by complete accident I stumbled across some photos from the past. Many of you know that I used to hang out with comedians, generaly taking photos and having a good time. This occasion was a rare daylight outing for a whole heap of comedians who if you put them all on the same show, it would sell out in a flash.

I posted a photo up on my personal facebook page last night and so fat it’s got over 250 likes and has been shared 50 times, so I though some people might like to see some more from this little game of football that occured during the 2003 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Some one was even debating weather the group shot was “photoshoped together”, here is the proof that it wasn’t.

Loosely I believe it was locals verse Internationals. No Idea who won, but also pretty sure that the teams didn’t stay the same throughout the game.

Please excuse the quality of the images, the content outweighs the averageness of the images (I got ALOT better since then)

Enjoy and if you were there, please share your memories in the comments.
After a few years away, i’m really looking forward to jumping back into the Comedy Festival world this year. We will see what images I can capture that I can share in another 10 years!

(More portraits of these guys will appear over at my facebook page in the next week… unless I receive death threats)
Players Back row, L-R, Danny Bhoy, Dave Gorman, Dan Antopolski, Pete Monaghan, Glenn Wool, Warren Nolan, Lee Mack, Andre, Jason Byrne, Adam Hills Front Row, L-R, Charlie Pickering, Daniel Kitson, David O’Doherty, John Knowles and Noel Fielding.