After getting off the bus from Edinburgh airpor…

After getting off the bus from Edinburgh airport I had some problems… I have no idea I had to go to find the Flat. After looking at 2 maps that didn’t have the street on it, I jumped into a cab and the cabbie was equally puzzled as to where it was I had to go. Eventually one of his cabbie friends pointed us in the right direction.

I new Dave the landlord, he showed be about, it’s not a bad little place, it even has a sofa bed. The bathroom is tiny, literally the size of a couch in length and width. But it’s all I need.

Dave mentioned that they were about to have the place completely re done as soon as the festival was over. He bought it a little while ago after the lady who lived here died in here…

So after a shower and getting back to feeling human I went off on a bit of a wander. I’m about 10 minutes from the Royal Mile and 15 from the Gilded Balloon where the exhibition is. I was wandering a bit vaguely when I bumped into Howard Read, a comedian friend. He showed me where to get baked potatoes and also where a few of the venues are, including the Gilded Balloon.

The exhibition is very well installed, the lighting is a bit average but I can’t really complain. It is in a café which is quite busy. I noticed that one of the photos had strangely soared in price… but I think that is because Boothby Graffoe had thought he was worth 1000 pounds.

The Gilded Balloon

After having a look, I bumped into some more Australians out the front, also Karen who is the director of the venue. Then another discovery that a friend Ged Wood is one of the Admin guys for the venue, so I then got all the passes that I needed for the venue.

I then got back to wandering, found myself a little lost, but then bumped into more people from Melbourne who pointed me in the right direction.

I saw a show called the Birth Of Cool, about the start of beat poetry, all about Alan Ginsberg, and others… I nodded off during the performance as the jet lag set in.

I didn’t realize how late it was, probably because I didn’t notice that the sun sets at 10pm. So I wandered back to the flat, made some calls then crashed.