Ahhh, a weekend at home, the first in a long time….

Ahhh, a weekend at home, the first in a long time. So what did I do? Got a little organized. Cleaned up the office.. And then saw the CDs. Ever since I’ve had the digital camera the stack of CD’s has existed. They are the back up cds… there area bout 120 of them, in various states of order, labeling and catalogue. So I made the decision to do it, get them in order, labeled and all in a catalogue. It took less time than I thought, I finished at 2am. Now I have to see if I can keep the stack non existent in the future.

I also need to get some more frames. Problem with awards is that the certificates need framing, and the award photos need framing and then the house needs extending to accommodate the new frames. O the pain of it all…(yep… it’s all going to my head). It is kind of cool to get an award from Italy; I’ve never got a trophy before either… I guess it will be small and made of dog food or something, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.

The ideas are still coming in from Sydney, saw some movies over the weekend that inspired me. I need to get out with my camera and shoot a bit.