Alli and Ben – by the river

I was excited the moment I first talked Alli about her wedding. It sounded like heaps of fun and will be amazing on the East Coast of Tasmania in spring. Ben was off working on an oil rig at the time, but i got a really good scene of who these guys were from that first phone call. Of course, Alli and I had no idea that Ben’s mum and I are friends and his mum has been overly supportive of my career from day one. So Alli and Ben booked and Ben’s mum Liz was stoked, so much she called me late at night with the news “My son is getting married and his fiance has booked a photographer and didn’t talk to me first, but the good news is they picked you!”

Anyway, enough of that, onto the fantastic engagement shoot. I wanted somewhere where we could explore and get some really great shots. Alli and Ben are outdoors kinda people and so I decided that one of my favourite and under used locations would be just right.

The shoot was great, the engagement shoots are basically a way for the could to get to know the strange man who will be taking photos at their wedding. I learned a little about lichen, about what these guys do, got reminded about how they got together and that time when Ben proposed.

These guys just look great together, and obviously really enjoy teasing each other. Ben is quite partial to poking Alli with a stick too!

I really can’t wait for their wedding, their personalities mixed with some amazing east coast scenery will be fantastic!