And the winner is…

Well, there were a few more entries than I expected for the little competition yesterday. You guys loved it! And I did to, so many song memories came back and it made is to very hard to choose a winner.
I think if you put all the songs onto a mixtape and went for a drive you would be happy!

Certificates of participation to everyone who entered.
Honourable Mentions to:

Hannah with John Price’s Please Don’t Bury Me
Pip with I Will Never Love You More by Soko
Zoe put a vote in for Leo Sayer’s You Make Me Feal Like Dancing as done by Homer
Nigel was disqualified for reminding me of this song, but got back in by posting the video, which is fantastic.

Amy with Love Shack
Wayne and Chris for Bohemian Rhapsody
Clara Jayne put forward some Dee’Lite, Groove is in the Heart
Renne put forwards Ours is Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen.
Rachel Gillam with Footloose ( a personal fave of mine)

And now the list of the top three…

Ashleigh got 3rd place with
“Our fav fun song is ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Clinton & I have known each other for the past six years and on every drunken, sober and in between gathering we put this song on whether it’s at a party or just the two of us dancing around the house and disturbing the neighbours, pretending that we are Doctor Frankenfurter incarnate! The song also may have contributed to the reason for a trip up to the hospital after falling off stilettos…. “

My wife had never seen this before, and the look on her face was priceless!


Second place was TIED!

Melissa with some Guns and Roses
“How do I pin down a fav song? There’s so many I can think of, its like having to choose which child to save when the boat is sinking (terrible analogy but meh).

I guess the song of the moment for me would have to be “You could be mine” by Guns n Roses

Why you ask? It’s the sort of song that you want to break shit (to put it in lamest terms). Firstly, the intro of the song starts with a rockin drum beat, followed by throbbing bass lines and then like lightning, you hear Slash’s signature guitar. For the next five minutes its nothing but an orgy of kick ass and win. Sure, the lyrics were all over the place (that’s more a reflection of Axl Rose but I could go on and on and on) but like art, you don’t need to be an expert on it to appreciate it. If you’re moved by the music, then the artist has achieved their goal (other than monetary value).“


And also in second place was Katie and Andy
“Our top fun song is ‘Blame it on the boogie’ by the Jackson 5. We have a whole dance routine that goes along to the song and every time we hear it (usually at a wedding with a bad dj) we get up rip up the d floor with our sick moves, which involve lots of hip thrusting and spirit fingers. The song is just so much fun to dance and sing to we can’t help it! “


And the winner is…
Emma !!!!

“I’m wondering if it’s possible to enter your competition on behalf of my parents? They fit all your requirements…couple, live in Launceston, fun and also possibly the most in love people I know, even after 33 years of marriage!! Seriously, they’re kind of gross!!

Anyway the reason I thought of nominating them is cause my Mum mentioned that she didn’t like her wedding photos anymore (she thinks Dad’s brown suit is too dated – I secretly LOVE it, totally retro cool!!), and I thought it would be lovely for them to have a lovely portrait of themselves 33 years later and still totally happy!!

The song that I’m giving you too is one of my old time fave, and is one that my brother and I were brought up on, and I warn you now, you’ve probably never heard of it before, so I’ve included a youtube link. It’s called 30 000 pounds of bananas and is by and amazing singer Harry Chapin – who also wrote Cats in the Cradle!! Its completely an awesome song, and one that my Dad used to have us listening and singing to loads when we were young!!
Anyways, happy listening…I love introducing people to this song, it’s totally AWESOME!!”


As you should be aware I’m a bit of a story fan and love story and that I was introduced to a new song!

So Emma, your parents have won the random fun portrait competition!!! Yay! I’ll be in touch with you soon!

Please feel free to leave your favourite fun song in the comments to keep it going!
And thanks for entereing, it was heaps of fun! Hope you enjoyed the videos!