Anne and Harvey



A few months ago I had an email from a client asking if they could get a gift voucher for a shoot for her friend. I get many emails like this, but this one was more special. The baby wasn’t in a good way, “rare condition”, and “not sure how long they have” were both mentioned. At this point the idea of getting a gift voucher was out of the question, there was no way I was going to charging for this session or any thing that came from the session.


I admit that I was a little scared about going into this session, I really did not know what to expect. When I met Anne and Harvey it was clear that there was a very special bond at work. Very special isn’t enough to describe it, there was such a fantastic sense of love in the room.


We were a little limited in what we could do, but still got some great shots. The photo above is my favourite. It is a beautiful shot that only captures a millionth of the love that I witnessed that afternoon.


I admit that when I left, a few tears did happen, not out of sadness, but out of witnessing something so special. Harvey is a lucky little boy.