Another thing about weddings… You make a lot o…

Another thing about weddings…

You make a lot of friends as you grow up, some you manage to hang onto over the years others just fall off the wagon, normally only scene at a distance on a street somewhere. But as my old friends are all getting to the marriage stage of life, they are all starting to call me up again!

I’ve had 3 phone calls from old friends in the last few months, one of them left it a bit late and I already had a booking, the other two are all booked in ready to go. One is a friend from year 11 and 12, the other was also at school at year 11 and 12 but I knew her more from Venturer type activities.

The venturer girl will be great, i know all her family and it’s going to be a bit of a back yard wedding, as their reception venue was sold out from under them and turned into a bushranger theme resturant or somthing.

So I’m looking forward to their weddings, you tend to really get to know a couple prior to their wedding and when they are old friends it makes things so much easier and quite a bit more fun.

I had a couple ring up wanting to change the date of their wedding… Which is a bit of a problem as I’m already booked on the weekend they want to change to, and I know that they would have a hard time getting another photographer for their new date. I hope they can move it to fit me in as I have built up a great relationship with this guys over email. They have been traveling and have only managed to get into Tasmania this week. But I guess that is the way things go sometimes.